Idaho is known for many things including its wildlife and outdoor living. It's why hunting is one of the most popular outdoor activities in the Gem State.

Recently though, Idaho Fish & Game is giving Idaho hunters a heads up about a blue postcard in the mail.

"...They deeply regret that this occurred."

In a press release, Idaho Fish & Game said "Hunters who recently applied for 2024 big game-controlled hunts" might be disappointed with a blue postcard they receive in the mail.

Even more bizarre? People who didn't apply for big game-controlled hunts are also receiving these postcards. These postcards contain "incorrect information that the hunter drew a tag (or tags) this year."

These tags are typically carried by a hunter while on a hunt. They're supposed to attach these tags to the animal they killed and fill out the required information.

Idaho Fish & Game says the blunder was due to a third-party company prematurely sending postcards without Idaho Fish & Game's approval or authorization.

"Idaho Fish and Game officials recognize this error has caused confusion and disappointment to our hunters, and they deeply regret that this occurred."

Idaho Fish & Game is reassuring hunters that the controlled hunt drawing was "done correctly." Thankfully, hunters can check their results online or in their email and that is the correct information.

Idaho Fish & Game says they will be sending follow-up letters to hunters impacted by the blue postcards and those will contain the correct info.

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