Police in Star are warning the public about a dangerous trend that is not only harmful to our kids but could also lead to some legal trouble.

"This doesn't apply to private property..."

Star Police shared a Facebook post warning the public about the dangers of kids... and golf carts.

Apparently - there was an incident recently involving a 12-year-old driver who "was going too fast around a corner when she lost control, with four other kids in the cart."

This resulted in one child winding up in the hospital and showing the harsh reality behind these golf carts - they're just not safe for kids and this incident could have been much worse. Here is the post from Star Police regarding the incident:

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What in the actual blue hell is going on here?

Now, it's one thing to commit a crime with a golf cart and then it's a whole other thing to commit a crime with a weapon. Sounds like a no-brainer, right? The thing is, there are some serious deadly weapons that are 100% illegal everywhere else... except in Idaho.

Do you own any of these tools of destruction?

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On the subject of things being illegal, we didn't realize that a lot of people could be breaking the law during a time of mourning; we're talking about the death of a family pet.

Are you breaking the law by burying your pet in your backyard? Let's look at the facts...

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