Here we are in 2024 and it's already been a crazy ride... at least on the pop culture side of things. Now, we're dealing with another variant of a virus that brought the world to its knees just a few years ago.

Or are we?

All across the country, talking heads are discussing the new COVID variant and at least to this author, it almost seems like people want us to be scared. We've seen conspiracy theorists flood the internet with conspiracy theories, with many comments on these reports saying this is all a distraction to keep us away from the Epstein list.

While we're not here to say whether that's true or not, we are here to bring you some facts that will hopefully ease any concerns about the virus. Especially with how scared people were not that long ago.

The new COVID variant

The new variant is known as JN.1 and it shares pretty much every symptom with the original COVID. If you want to learn more about those symptoms, you can check out this wonderful piece about it from our colleague Mateo here.

But we're not here to discuss the variant and its symptoms, we're here to talk about COVID by the numbers and if you have good reason to be worried or not.

The memories of "social distancing" and being ordered to stay home are all too fresh for us; if you feel the same and want some peace of mind, let's look at why we don't have that much to worry about with this new COVID variant.

Why The New COVID Variant Isn't A Threat To Idaho

There is a lot of chatter about the new COVID variant, JN.1 in the Treasure Valley. If you're worried about catching it in Idaho, we have good news for you thanks to data from

Gallery Credit: Chris Cardenas

These COVID Symptoms May Lead to Hospitalizations

Health officials say folks should be on a close lookout for a number of Omicron symptoms that likely mean you need urgent medical care. 

Idaho Counties with the Highest COVID-19 Vaccination Rate

Gallery Credit: Parker Kane

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