I'm going to say it. The geese are out of control! It's incredible how many geese are in Boise and how many more come during March. The geese are so bad in my neighborhood that people (retired) who have all day will chase the geese off of the property. Our neighborhood runs along the water, with several streams leading into the Boise River. If the geese aren't bad enough, my dog will do her best to eat the geese' poop when we go on walks. Luckily, she won't have her own, but that geese poop is a hot commodity. I'm afraid to Google, "what happens when your dog eats goose poop?" because I don't want to know the answer.


This time of the year, mid-March, is when we see as many as 60,000 Snow Geese migrate through the area. If you're a wildlife enthusiast, you already know these Snow Geese will likely come through the Fort Boise Wildlife Management area.

I have also noticed that drivers always stop for the geese no matter when, where, or the situation. I've seen more ducks on the side of the road than geese. Why? Ducks deserve a chance just as much as some stubborn geese.

Photo by Raymond Eichelberger on Unsplash
Photo by Raymond Eichelberger on Unsplash

The geese' poop is so bad that we have someone (propbably retired and on the HOA) who will walk around with a giant pooper scooper and pick up geese' poop like some dog keeps pooping on his lawn. I also have some questions about these migrating geese.

How long are they here? Do our local geese and Snow Geese get along? Do they have a fight club?

I've never had an altercation with geese. I've heard they can be mean, and my dogs don't seem to mind them. So, if you're a wildlife enthusiast, you're pretty happy around this time of the year, and I hope you can get some great photos!

Boise's Notorious Geese

We would like to thank our good friends over at "Geese of Boise State" for allowing us to get the word out about the notorious geese here in the Treasure Valley. While these geese may look innocent, they're slowing taking over our cities and everybody knows it. Who let these geese in and why do they think that they can be the boss of us? Something must be done. Here are some glimpses at what you can expect to see of these geese on Boise State's Campus and around Boise as a whole.

We have exclusive goose video footage below, as well.

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Looks Like Montana Also Has The Same Migration

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