Sending your kid off to school can be quite the experience. For some parents, it can induce a sort of stress that's centered around your kiddo's performance in class. For others, it's a celebration - an opportunity for some free time.

Parents can all agree on one thing

Whether you're celebrating your "freedom" or wondering how your kid is doing on their math test, most parents can agree that they want their kid to be safe.

Knowing your child is coming home in one piece, ready to share their (hopefully good) day with you is something some might take for granted. It's not until something happens to your kid that you might realize you didn't appreciate the little things enough as much as you could have.

We all know that bad things can happen anywhere - but as parents, you must do what you can to ensure your kids stay safe. Controlling what might or might not happen to your kid is impossible, but you could take some preventative measures to at least try and keep anything bad from happening.

A school zone is one of the most dangerous places for your kid to be in. It might not seem like it because they're supposed to be the safest, but unfortunately, that's not what we found in the data.

There were "62,785 car accidents, 6,716 pedestrian accidents, and 5,114 bicycle accidents within 1/2 mile of the 486 schools" in the study we looked at.

Which of those school districts is the most dangerous for your child? We're looking at the top fifteen... did your school zone make the cut?

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