A Colorado man had a "ruff" time convincing a police officer his dog was the one driving when he got pulled over last weekend.

9 News reports Springfield Police Chief Clay Klipfel pulled over a 28-year-old driver for going 52 mph in a 30 mph zone on May 13.

As Klipfel approached the Dodge Challenger, he noticed a strange shuffle in the front seat. Once he approached the car, the officer realized the driver had traded places with his dog.

The suspect, who reportedly showed signs of intoxication, exited the vehicle, claimed he wasn't driving and tried to blame the dog for speeding.

When asked if he had been drinking, the unidentified man attempted to run, leading the officer on a brief foot chase before he was captured and arrested 20 yards away from the vehicle.

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The driver was accompanied by a man and woman who were seated in the back seat of the car.

Police report both passengers were sober. It's unclear why neither of the sober passengers were driving, especially considering the car belonged to the woman.

According to 9 News, police found two outstanding warrants for the driver, who was arrested and booked for driving under the influence, driving while ability impaired, driving under suspension, speeding and resisting arrest.

The two other passengers returned home safely with the scapegoated dog.

In 2022, a "reckless driver" who rammed two parked cars in a Walmart parking lot was identified as a dog who had become restless while its owners shopped.

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