I have some very cool neighbors and live in a place I love in Meridian.  My landlord is having my house repainted, so I had to move my patio furniture away from the house. 

I have a very, shall we say, "observant" neighbor who tends to be in the loop on all things going on throughout our block.  This person casually approached me and asked "if I had rearranged my backyard a bit recently?"  I could tell it bothered them, so I quickly said "it's to prepare for the painters."  That seemed to ease the concern, though they were trying to hard to act very casual with the question/statement.

I kind of laughed about it, there are so many examples of the "nosy neighbor" throughout tv history, but to be honest, I'm kind of glad there is someone who keeps an eye on things.  I find some comedy in the fact they don't want anyone to "realize" that's what they're doing, but overall, I'm glad there is someone keeping a watch on things.