Remember a few months ago when people were first getting sick of quarantines that they started decorating their homes with Christmas items? The holiday lovers are back, but this time, they've decided for a different and maybe a more accurate vibe. A holiday that we can all somehow relate to right now perhaps better than at any time in our lives. People are skipping the rest of July, their August vacations, and even Labor Day and are celebrating Halloween!

I can't say that I blame them. It does feel like there's a special kind of evil at work right now. We have social distancing and social injustice happening at the same time. We have people trying to hurt each other and people trying to protect each other. We have people wearing masks to stay safe, and now people wearing masks as part of their early Halloween costume.

As people are trying to stay apart, we are also trying to distance ourselves from the loss we feel from being alone, losing things that we consider normal, and the financial impact that this has had on everyone. While Christmas seemed fun a few months ago, now we've had enough, and we've turned to a darker holiday. Still, living in a haunted house seems better than dealing with the horrors that the pandemic has brought on.

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“Ain’t no party like a pumpkin party!” 🎃 @raisingmiles #thisisboise #harrisonblvd

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I'm ready for Harrison Boulevard to light up the nights with Halloween decorations. I'll be the first one to yell trick or treat and hope for a full-sized candy bar. An early Halloween could provide the Treasure Valley with a necessary distraction for those who are reaching their boiling point. Let's have fun, eat some candy and try to forget about things for a while.

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