One Texas School Board is making headlines by allowing corporal punishment in their schools.  Did you spanking as a form of discipline is allowed in nineteen states including Idaho?  Is corporal punishment effective?  The Three Rivers School District in Texas has joined twenty six other districts in allowing spanking as a form of punishment reports KHOU.  Parents will have to sign a consent form if they wanted their kids paddled says CBS.

Texas is one of the nineteen states, including Idaho, that allow for administrators or teachers to administer corporal punishment.  Although the practice was popular many years ago, most school have moved away from that model.  Whether it's because of liability concerns or a lack of parental consent, the practice is not used in the majority of the fifty states.

Has the Supreme Court legitimized spanking kids as punishment in schools?  The answer would be yes and it happened in a 1977 decision according to NEA Today.  The site reports over 163,000 students were spanked in the school year 2011-2012.

Has there ever been a study looking at corporal punishment in schools?  Texas and Michigan have looked at data for the last fifty years according to NBC4. They believe that there is no value to spanking and could have hurt children socially and in other ways.

For many Americans, including myself, who were spanked as kids we would disagree with their findings.  Most of us credit spanking with helping us develop an appreciation for discipline and consequences.

It would be a challenge to administer corporal punishment in today's hyper litigious environment.  However, it is legal in Idaho.

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