James Roberts, a professor of marketing at Baylor University is the co-author of a study that has found cell phone use is causing problems with couples. 

It happens when one partner snubs the other in favor of their cell phone. It's called "Phubbing,"  partner phone snubbing.  According to the study of 453 people, just over 46% of those studied felt they were snubbed by their partner in favor of their cell phone.  This lead to lower levels of satisfaction in their relationship and from that it leads to depression.

To get a sense of how often you and your partner phub each other, answer each item on a scale from 1 (never) to 5 (all the time):

  1. During a typical mealtime that my partner and I spend together, my partner pulls out and checks his/her cell phone.
  2. My partner places his or her cell phone where they can see it when we are together.
  3. My partner keeps his or her cell phone in their hand when he or she is with me.
  4. When my partner's cell phone rings or beeps, he/she pulls it out even if we are in the middle of a conversation.
  5. My partner glances at his/her cell phone when talking to me.
  6. During leisure time that my partner and I are able to spend together, my partner uses his/her cell phone.
  7. My partner does not use his or her phone when we are talking .
  8. My partner uses his or her cell phone when we are out together.
  9. If there is a lull in our conversation, my partner will check his cell phone.

Your scoring according to Mee.

If you scored a 45 or higher, you would rather have your cell phone than a relationship.  Get a divorce now and go to a country where cell phone marriage is legal. You also need to go back to school and take math all over again.

if you scored 30-44, you are a lousy partner.  You probably let your partner do all the work not only with the house, but with the relationship.  You need to decide if you want a relationship or want to be on the next episode of hoarders, not because you actually hoard, but because you are so attached to your phone that you don't do anything besides updating Facebook and texting.

If you scored 20-29, there is hope.  Depending on how high you scored, shows your commitment to your partner.  The higher the score the less committed.  Look at your phone and look at your partner, which one is easier to say these three simple words, "I Love You."  Which ever one is easier to say it to, is the one you are more committed to, go with them and live in wedded bliss.

If you scored 9-19, you Pphub just enough to have to say you're sorry.  You haven't gone over the edge yet, but you also probably don't own an iPhone. iPhone users never score this low, so it's actually a waste of time to put them here.  On the other hand, if you scored under 10, you spend quality time with another person.  You more than likely spend some quality "brown chicken brown cow" time with a human rather than your smartphone.  Congrats, you have a relationship.

If you scored under 9, you need to take the test again.

Does Phubbing affect your relationship?

Kevin Mee


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