I took a picture yesterday afternoon around 3'ish of what I think looks like a snow/tornado - "snownado!"  What do you think?

Look at the center of the picture - do you see the long white column that goes from the cloud to the ground?

Originally I never even planned to tell anyone about the possible "snownado" I spotted looking north towards Emmett and Squaw Butte. (That's because I get teased by my husband because I find storms fascinating and intriguing.)   But then on CNN this morning I saw a report about an extremely rare tornado that early yesterday tore through an area near Battle Ground, Washington, close to the state line with Oregon.    The tornado was ranked as an F1 with winds just over 100 mph.

For the record -  snownados really do exist!   From Wordspy:

n. A waterspout that forms between the surface of a lake and a snow squall; a tornado that forms over a snow-covered area.

This El Nino winter weather we've been getting is some of the most unusual I've ever experienced.  So, now that you've seen the picture...does it look like a "snownado" to you?