The internet is as essential to our lives these days as the air we breathe and the food we eat.

Maybe that's why we go into panic mode whenever the internet goes down and we don't have access to all that it has to offer -- no online shopping, no pictures of our meals on Instagram, no videos of goat doing goat things. It may very well be the worst thing to happen since you bought all that Blockbuster stock.

That's what makes this video so great. It describes the uncertainty and confusion we all feel when we don't have internet access. If you don't relate to this, it's either because you live in a cave where WiFi is about as easy to find as a phone book (and, therefore, probably not actually watching this) or you're a time traveler from the 1980s who has no idea what the internet is.

So, sit back and enjoy and hope your connection doesn't cut in the middle of this clever video.

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