I don't know about you, but if I hit a deer the last thing I'm thinking about is eating it.  In fact, I would probably have stomach ache knowing I killed Bambi's mom.  But it's perfectly legal in Idaho to eat road kill if you want, as long as you do this one thing first.  

You've got to report the animal death to the Idaho Department of Fish and Game, and once you do that you're free to cook it and eat it.  Well, I should add that you can't wait too long since you need to fill out a Roadkill/Wildlife Salvage Report within 24 hours.  Time is of the essence.

KTVB says Idahoans are embracing the law, because it's a way to salvage the meat or antlers and not let any of it go to waste.  Good for you!  You could be a contestant on Survivor, and I will starve to death if Costco ever closes its delicious and convenient deli.

Not all animals can be salvaged, like grizzly bears, gophers,and hummingbirds.  Click HERE to see what's fair, um...game.