Today I'm going in for my second surgery in less than a week. Last Friday I had surgery on a tumor thing that was right on the tip of my finger.  It's healing fine, I haven't even taken any pain medicine since Saturday night.  (Oh, Saturday was an adventure, I'll blog about that next)

The problem is when you do take pain meds, they can cause side effects, like clogging up your plumbing. Right now my plumbing is clogged and it's not helping my moooooooddddd.

I have at least five million grams of fiber in my system along with half a bottle of something called colonblow. Neither are doing anything but create lots of emissions. Thank GOD the Supreme court blocked the Obama administration emission rules yesterday or the EPA would be over here trying to filter those.

Brenda went a message to our vet last night asking if he could come over and help me with colic. I went to Axiom and worked out, so that wasn't working so Brenda called Matt Woodington and asked if he would come over, glove up and help me out.  Thank GOD he said no, never, not in a million years. I've seen what happened with our horse and I'm in full agreement, ain't gonna happen ever.

Now I haven't had a thing to eat since about 7 last night and drink since midnight. I can't have either until after the surgery when they give you the choice of water, juice or a soda. I would prefer a frozen blended strawberry margarita delivered by a cabana girl in a bikini and a sarong. Ain't gonna happen, I'll get a drink from a nurse in scrubs, woohoo!

Then this morning I found out the team that is going to patch my innards up are all friends of one of Brenda's Zumba girls. Could the stars possibly align against me any more?

I can't wait until this is over and I can get home and watch the Superbowl over and over again. Love you all, thanks for the thoughts and well wishes.

Kevin Mee


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