Overall, 2020 was a rather bleak year. However, there were certain silly things that united us. Making sourdough bread for the first time. Agreeing that Carole Baskin obviously killed her husband. Watching the guy from Idaho Falls skateboard to work synced to Fleetwood Mac's "Dreams" over and over again.

There's no doubt that something about the video of Idaho Falls's Nathan Apodaca, better known as 420Doggface208, just made you want to smile and now his viral video is officially part of history at the Museum of Idaho. On Wednesday, the museum shared photos of Apodaca's visit where he donated and signed a bottle of Ocean Spray (his beverage of choice in the viral video) to the museum's collection. It's also signed by Ocean Spray's CEO, Tom Hayes.

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After drawing some criticism for making this new artifact part of their collection, the museum explained on their Facebook page that good artifacts don't need to be priceless and created centuries ago. They simply need to tell stories of the past, even if the past is as recent as last year. They're proud to have something in their collection that shows off a local man who made over 70 million people smile during one of the darkest years in world history and will show it off for decades to come.

If you want to take a road trip to see it yourself, the Museum of Idaho is located in Idaho Falls. Their premiere exhibits are currently Body Worlds: Animals Inside Out and Way Out West (highlighting Eastern Idaho.) Right now, visits are by appointment only Monday-Saturday. You can see more about ticket prices and what to expect during your visit by clicking HERE. With its recently completed expansion, it's the state's largest science and history museum!

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