2021 sucked. An ongoing pandemic. Bizarre weather. And what is now par for the course, political unrest.

So obviously, Idahoans have a few things to say about last year and all the crap she pulled, and we've got receipts!

Recently, the Idaho attorney general's office released its 2021 consumer protection report, chronicling all the complaints the office receives throughout the year. Not surprisingly, there are a lot of them.

Oddly, the number one complaint isn't anything that stood out in 2021. It's the ongoing thorn in our side: Complaints about motor vehicle ads, repair, and sales overall. That's right. Folks in Idaho are not happy about their cars.

Additional entries on the list include:

  • Construction and contractors
  • Landlord and tenant issues
  • Household appliances and fixtures
  • Cellular phones and services

The list goes on, but that's definitely a good start of grievances to air in the Gem State.

For this writer, I'm genuinely surprised no one mentioned politics (at least on this list.) No matter what you watch or what you listen to, it truly does feel impossible to escape the savage grip of political drama in 2022. However, being mad about your car not functioning is the worst, because you can't just change the channel to fix it!

You can see the entire list of the Idaho attorney general's office's most-received complaints in 2021 here. And no, not being able to buy a new Playstation 5 or Xbox Series X didn't make the list.

At least it didn't make this list. It's at the #1 spot in my house.


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