One of the many qualities that attract people to Idaho is the smaller cities. Even Boise, Idaho's largest city, is much smaller than places like Los Angeles and other California towns that so many have moved here to escape. The mass exodus from California has led to the growth of the Treasure Valley. The smallest towns in Idaho have yet to see that growth. The smaller cities have gotten smaller during the same time Boise has seen massive growth.

The United States Census Bureau estimated that there would be a world population of over 8 billion people by mid-November of 2022. America is home to just over 338 million of them. Idaho is the fastest-growing state but ranks 39th out of the 50 states in population, with 1,893,410 residents.

The largest cities in Idaho are Boise (241,686), Meridian (126,143), Nampa (103,928), Idaho Falls (66,418), and Caldwell (62,748). The ten smallest cities in Idaho have populations that range between 40 people to just four. Over the last two years, the combined total population of the smallest ten cities in Idaho has dropped five percent from 281 people to just 267.

When it comes to land size, Boise is also Idaho's largest city at 85 square miles. Anchorage, Alaska, is the largest city in America, but the largest city in terms of population is New York City, with nearly 9 million residents.

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The big cities will always get most of the attention, but what are the smallest cities in Idaho? Surprisingly, one of Idaho's smallest cities is America's smallest city in terms of land size, but it isn't the smallest city in Idaho in terms of population.

Here are the smallest cities in Idaho in order of population according to the website,

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