The Idaho National Guard, both Army and Air, are regarded as some of the top units in the country. We've seen them deploy to dangerous hot spots throughout the world when the nation needs their help. Now Idaho's military is at a crossroads due to the mandatory Covid order from the Biden Administration, which you can read about here.   

Idaho's military is at a crossroads due to two crucial issues. The first issue involves the direction of the army. Currently, less than one percent of the entire population is eligible to meet the military's requirements. In good times and bad, the military has struggled to recruit enough candidates to ensure our freedoms throughout the years.

Several current guards, active duty, and reserves members have contacted us, revealing that they'll be leaving the service after so many years rather than be told what to put into their bodies by Joe Biden. However, what is not being reported is that both men and women beginning their military careers do not want the jab in their veins. These young folks are the lifeblood of our national security.

We can't allow our armed forces to age out like a football team that doesn't draft well. Has anyone within the Joint Chiefs considered how many new members of the military will leave the service? America cannot afford not to have young people devote themselves to serving their country. One doesn't want to imagine the impact that the new mandates will have on recruiting efforts?  

The second issue involving the future of the military is the introduction of 'wokeness' into the military. Tucker Carlson of Fox News is the only one who continues to bring this issue to the public. Even folks in Idaho have told us that the 'wokeness' is being introduced here. Our military has always focused on defeating communism, socialism, and totalitarianism. How can our warriors be effective if their leaders under Biden tell them our most significant national security threat is Global Warming?  

We owe it to our founding fathers and those who sacrifice daily to protect our nation from the 'wokeness' in our military. These two challenges are the real threats to our national security.  

The following is an email from one of many folks who are struggling with the vaccine mandate.

"I am writing to you pertaining to the mandatory vaccination that is being rolled out in the Idaho Guard and other guard units around the US.  I am only one of many who are being forced to decide on the vax or my career.  (He lost his rank due to refusing the shot.)  I have recently lost that position as of yesterday since I am not going to get the shot.  I am a lucky one if you can call it that, since I have over 20 years, I can retire, the only thing screwing me up is the fact I will lose my rank and have to retire at a lower rank. 

There are options such as religious or medical exemptions, however those are not guaranteed so we are rolling the dice on those.  Also, if you are not an officer or don't have more than 20 years, you don't have much of a choice other than to get it, or risk getting kicked out on some less than desirable discharge with a general letter of reprimand for violating a direct order from a general.

Oh, and by the way this is a permanent record that will come up on background checks for future jobs.  I called our JAG in Idaho for some guidance and they told me their sole purpose was to support the chain of command not soldiers trying to get out of the shot.  I had to call a Utah JAG for guidance.   Another shot that we are required to get annually is the flu shot, and guess what, every year, soldiers don't get it, and nothing happens, so why the push on this?

The biggest issue I see, is there is no guidance from higher up, the only options pretty much are get the shot or get out and possibly lose benefits.   We have ZERO support from any of the command from the very Top to include the Governor and Generals in charge or even the Senior enlisted, they are all pretty much shrug their shoulders and say get it or else.  Thanks for your time, I would like to stay anonymous since I am still currently in, once I am out however."

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