What brand does Idaho lean on when looking for an ice cold crisp beer to satisfy the craving? Well it has changed over the years...

Last year the most 'trashy beer' consumed in Idaho was Keystone Light based on Google searches over a 12 month time frame.

AskMen.com surveyed 1,000 men in 2019 around the country to find out what their favorite brew was in each state. While Budweiser, Coors Light and Corona were the most common in most states. Not here in Idaho though - men surveyed in Idaho didn't even really pick a beer. Instead 23 percent of guys in Idaho that were asked chose Mike's Hard Lemonade. Check out the full results HERE.

The most recent study from Zippia.com says that That Idaho consumes nearly 92,000 barrels of beer per year. That Budweiser is now the most popular beer in Idaho. That the gem states have 73 breweries and that the best beer from the state is - Lost Continent from Grand Teton Brewing.
Did you know that there are beers that are illegal in Idaho? Check them out below followed by information so you can visit the best breweries in Boise...

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