Ah, February! The month to celebrate the person you love by showering them with flowers, chocolates and fancy dinners...unless, of course, you're single.

If you're someone who is anti-Valentine's Day, I totally understand where you're coming from.  Prior to dating my husband, a hopeless romantic, I absolutely despised February 14. I was a scorned woman who hated the holiday because I spent so many of them at home with my cat, a bottle of wine and Castle re-runs on TNT. I pouted all day while I watched roses and chocolates be delivered to my co-workers desk.  Why I couldn't I meet a guy that treated me like that?

I attribute a lot of it to the fact that apps like Tinder and Bumble weren't a mainstream way of meeting people quite yet.  When you're hanging out at the same bars, doing the same thing every weekend, the dating pool in the Treasure Valley is shallow. Pair that with the fact that in Boise, there's only two degrees of separation between people...it might as well be called a "dating puddle."

Online dating has opened a whole new world of dating opportunities for singles hoping to meet that special someone in time for Valentine's Day and that's exactly what Idahoans are hoping for this year! Satellite Internet put together a map of what each state is googling for guidance this Valentine's Day and when the numbers came back, Idaho was overwhelmingly looking up the dating app Bumble.  Unlike Tinder, Bumble will not allow a man to contact his matches first.  They have to wait until the woman sends an initial "hello" or pick-up line or whatever...I don't really know, I'm the old married lady here.

The search stands out because most states are searching for more romantic things like Valentine's Day recipes, dinner destinations, eCards and poetry. Is the dating scene really THAT BAD in Idaho that this is the #1 thing we're searching for this Valentine's Day? How can we get you out of a dating funk and get back to meeting people face to face?

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