The Idaho Vandals may not win many games when it comes to basketball, football, or any sport, really. But there's one thing that you can say about them that most fanbases cannot claim: Idaho Vandal fans and alumni are going to "fly the colors" and be loud and proud no matter what the situation is. The loyalty that is fostered up in Moscow, Idaho, is real!

Recently, a nationally televised Idaho Vandal basketball game featured some loyal fans that were celebrating something special: a championship!

No, the Idaho Vandals didn't have a championship to celebrate but these fans certainly did!

Everything about the photo is just perfect-- the most unsuspecting softball players not only made it into the game with their plaque.. 

But they also made it in with their uniforms on!  Talk about a victory lap that stole the show! 

Of course it didn't take long for viewers to take to social media to highlight the co-ed softball champions--we're totally here for it! 

This isn't the first time that a sporting event with Idaho ties has taken center stage on national TV--accidentally.  Remember that time Fresno State got in a brawl with themselves during Boise State's visit? 

Brawl at Fresno State Goes Viral

Fans in Fresno were in a sour mood on Saturday evening. Boise State was in town to take on the Bulldogs and we aren't sure what caused this brawl but the stands were far from calm during all of this!


Total Brawl Breaks Out in Nampa McDonald's

When you think of McDonald's you may think of things like play centers and Happy Meals but at this Nampa McDonald's, a far from normal day took place recently. According to the folks that shared with video with us, some teenagers were causing all sorts of trouble inside of a Nampa Micky D's and it got taken to a whole new level. After viewing the video for yourself, you will find yourself wondering what on earth could have been going on in there, as well.

Someone call WorldStar...



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