Have you noticed something unusual lately? If you're new to Idaho or have lived here for quite some time, it's that time again. The summer season is here in Idaho, which translates to chip sealing, orange cones, single-lane roads, and many delays.


Idaho's Horrifying Lead in National Traffic Deaths

Yesterday, a driver told us that Eagle Road was packed at 230 in the afternoon. Another commuter shared that it took three hours to travel from Boise to Weiser on Thursday afternoon. In an era of mental health, how healthy can it be for all of us to be stuck in traffic? Let's not forget the unhealthy air we're breathing in as we're trapped in our cars.

We've covered the lack of infrastructure throughout our area for years, but is there a solution? Other states have survived and thrived during similar growth challenges. So what is the answer to Idaho's transportation woes?


It is time for the state to develop a comprehensive that involved using our federal, state, county, city, and local assets.  The state cannot continue to operate with a transportation system that was set up for a state population of a million instead of one that's approaching a million?

What would it take for the state to match federal dollars dedicated to increasing Idaho's transportation infrastructure?  The state has a two billion dollar surplus which means there would be plenty of funds to match whatever the state could procure from the federal government.  It's time for our state not only to dream big but to act big.  Otherwise, we're all going to be spending a lot more time being stuck in traffic.

What Idahoans have to say about Spike in Traffic Deaths

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