"So apparently Friday 13th is also a full moon...and we're going to see IT." "NO WE'RE NOT! NOOO, WE'RE NOT!" 

My husband doesn't like scary movies or scary TV shows.  During the Roanoke season of American Horror Story, I watched him backflip over our sofa...and he's not the most agile person in the world, so you know that he was absolutely terrified. But for some reason, he was very intent on seeing the new version IT as soon as it came out in theaters in 2017. And you know what happened? He was THAT guy shrieking loudly in the theater (with a few expletives layered in.)

Even with all the looks he got from our fellow movie goers that afternoon, he said he'd be ready for round two when the Chapter Two came out this year.  Unfortunately, we were both traveling opening weekend so the plan is to see this Friday night...until we realized this Friday wasn't just the 13th, but also a full moon.

According to KTVB, most of the country (with the exception of the Eastern Time Zone) will experience a full moon before Friday the 13 is over.  It hasn't happened in the past 19 years and it won't happen again until 2049.

Both of us have seen some WEIRD stuff under full moons here in the Treasure Valley and I've ended up in Urgent Care one too many times on Friday the 13 over the course of my lifetime...so I'm kind of with him on this one.  Maybe, just maybe we skip IT until Sunday.

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