As the 2022-2023 school year quickly approaches, we are seeing a truly shocking and disheartening phenomenon occurring all around the state of Idaho:

Teachers are experiencing a truly shocking shortage – they’re underpaid, underfunded and having to beg strangers on the internet for essential supplies for their students.



Many educators are turning to sites such as GoFundMe, Amazon Wish List and DonorsChoose (to name a few), as they ask people to donate supplies for their classrooms.

Supplies include chairs, rugs, copy paper, erasers, Kleenex/tissue paper, and other various everyday items. 


This is both heartbreaking and alarming – why are our teachers having to spend their own money or reach out to strangers to pay for basic school supplies?

Why aren’t they being more supported by our own government?

As you can imagine, people are furious and desperate to help.


However, a valid argument that some people have made is: does helping simply enable the issue, instead of insisting that the government step in to help?

But on the other hand, how are we supposed to do nothing, when it would be the children who suffer?

Read what some Idahoans are saying about the issue:





One thing is for sure:

Regardless of your stance, clearly something has got to change.

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