It doesn't surprise you to know that you're pretty smart if you live in Idaho. If you were born here, you probably have intelligent parents. Look around! We're in one of the most beautiful places in the country. We have tax-friendly policies. We're about to get In-N-Out. What more could you ask for?

Finally, our suspicions have been scientifically proven correct because World Population Review has determined the smartest states. They did this by analyzing the average IQ of each resident of those states.

When looking at the data, you are immediately drawn to how Idaho ranks against our rival states. How does the IQ of the Gem State compare to that of Oregon, Washington, Nevada, and of course, California?

Some surrounding states are more intelligent than us. We'll have to hand it to Washington, who has an average IQ of 101.5, which ties them for the seventh highest IQ in the country.

Another state that we often like to compare ourselves to is also more intelligent than Idaho. Utah is tied for seventh smartest with Washington. Montana, another state we like to rival, is also slightly brighter than Idaho, with an average IQ of 101.1.

The Greater Idaho Movement could potentially bring down the IQ of the state. Oregon's IQ of 100.3 is lower than Idaho's 100.5.

According to the research, Nevada is one of the least intelligent states, with an average IQ of 96.6, nearly four total points below Idaho.

With the influx of residents from California, you have to wonder if their influence has increased or decreased our IQ scores. You could also argue that only intelligent Californians have moved to Idaho. The average Californian's IQ is 97.1, more than three points below Idaho's.

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