Canyon County Sheriff Kieran Donahue told Fox News this morning that the drug crisis in Idaho continues. In an explosive interview, Sheriff Donahue told Fox that the Mexican Cartels had targeted his family, including his daughter, years ago. "They tried to kidnap my daughter years ago when she was sixteen." He was thankful that the plot was uncovered before anyone was harmed.

The sheriff has continued to sound the alarm over the massive amounts of Fentanyl and other illegal drugs that have flowed into the Gem State during the Biden Administration, telling Fox, "We're at a crisis stage quite. Frankly, we've never seen the number of seizures and amount of any drug, including methamphetamine."

Sheriff Donahue says that the drugs are coming from the border. The Biden Administration has relaxed restrictions on allowing illegal aliens to enter the country. Multiple media outlets and the Border Patrol document that 2022 will set a record for the number of people entering America illegally.

YouTube/Fox News

The Canyon County Sheriff travels to the border two or three times a year to get a firsthand look at the challenges facing the Border Patrol. He shared his thoughts with Fox on what it's like at the border. "We are on the cusp of a complete collapse," he said. The sheriff continued calling Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas "a complete idiot' in response to the secretary's statements that the border is secure.

Sheriff Donahue revealed that law enforcement need help fighting the Mexican Cartels telling Fox, "We are simply not safe in America because of our battle with the Mexican Cartels."

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