Although most Idaho schools are out for summer vacation, the thoughts of school security are on the minds of school officials throughout the Gem State. In the past, school officials discussed the possibility of allowing armed teachers in the classroom as a means to allow teachers to protect their students. Some legislators have proposed a new law to legally arm teachers and others at the school.

Is a new law necessary? Teachers can carry firearms in their classrooms if they get permission from their local school board. Several schools around the Treasure Valley partner with local law enforcement to provide armed school resource officers for protection. Now one Idaho school district is considering a move to hire armed security guards to protect the schools from predators.  

KTVB reports that some Twin Falls schools do not have their own dedicated school resource officer. Officials say that schools were built years ago with no thoughts of keeping the school secure from school shooters. The security officers would be made up of retired law enforcement officials.  

The school board says that they will initially rely on federal money to fund the program and then look to pass a levy to keep it going. School safety continues to be an issue for every American at every level. The nation was shocked by the school shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, on May 24th.  

Twenty-one people were killed as a lone gunman entered the school, shooting teachers and elementary school students. The investigation continues into the slow response by area law enforcement.  

Twin Falls officials will review the proposal at their next meeting this month. 

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