At Blackfoot High school Michelle Pratt won 5 state track and field titles and a cross country championship as well. Her ability on the track earned her a scholarship to Weber State.
Monday while riding an ATV in Fillmore, Utah Pratt missed a curve, claiming the brakes failed and she and her passenger, Danielle Lewis flew off a 300 foot cliff.

Pratt suffered a concussion, broken left hand and fractured her sixth thoracic vertebra. She also tore a carotid artery that has caused a blood clot in her brain and is in the Neuro-Intensive Care Unit at the University of Utah Hospital in Salt Lake City, where she will undergo a series of surgeries for her injuries.

Lewis suffered a broken femur but was up and walking around Wednesday.

As for Michelle, doctors say while her injuries are severe they expect her to make a full recovery and lucky to be alive.

Pratt and Lewis were discovered  by Michelle’s uncle who was driving an ATV ahead of them and began to worry when the girls did not meet him at the end of the road..

Michelle was airlifted to Utah Valley Hospital in Provo before being moved to the University of Utah Hospital.

Michelle won five individual track and field state championships and one cross country state title at Blackfoot High School and signed to run at Weber State.

Michelle temporarily lost feeling and movement on the left side of her body because of the blood clot in her brain which means a lot of therapy lies ahead but doctors are optimistic she will make a complete recovery.

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