Many in the Treasure Valley are skeptical about Boise Parks and Rec's reasoning for banning dogs at Boise Ponds during the E. coli outbreak. Who's right?

Recently, both Quinn's Pond and Esther Simplot Park have banned dogs from the grounds, siting that they are the source of high levels of E. coli found in both bodies of water. Naturally, man park goers are questioning if that's actually the case.

Makes sense, right? Have you ever seen a dog go #2 in a body of water? Boise Parks and Rec says to believe the hype. They sent samples from both parks to a Florida testing facility that examines fecal material in a process called microbial source tracking. Officials at said facility say after two week's worth of testing, dog feces is the primary culprit of the E. coli outbreak at both parks. While there was also geece and human (ew!) feces found in the samples, dogs are still primarily to blame.

Boise Parks and Rec says they will continue to monitor the situation closely and test the water at both parks regularly.



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