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The state of Idaho was identified in an online survey as being one of the more accommodating places to live for those who group themselves into the nature's child category.

If you're someone who enjoys drum circles, regularly wears shirts containing more than six colors, has ever duct-taped a sandal back together or has tried to force the Bhagavad Gita on a friend, then the Gem State is a great place to "feel the love."


Idaho ranks tenth as far the best states for hippies, according to data at estately.com. Estately based its findings from the number of per capita communes, food co-ops, local Etsy stores and social media profiles of people who follow bands like the Grateful Dead and Phish.

Neighboring Nevada ranked as one of the states containing the fewest hippies. Idaho is listed as the state with the third highest number of hippie sanctuaries in the top ten--with nine total--behind only Wisconsin (12) and Montana (14).

Vermont took the top spot on the list. Both Phish and Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream originated in the state.

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