The original investigator in the disappearance of 2 year old DeOrr Kunz claims the parents know exactly what happened to their son.   Now you can see the letter he sent to them telling them why he won't work for liars: 

Until little DeOrr is found I will still be keeping an eye out for him.  I am hoping for a miracle and I am putting my faith in the legal system that there will be justice for the innocent toddler....

DeOrr Kunz's parents have both been named as suspects in his disappearance.  According to Frank Vilt, a private investigator that worked with the family back in August, the parents have known this entire time exactly what happened to their son and that they have been lying to and manipulating all of us as reported by the East Idaho News.

Here is the letter Mr. Vilt  has publicly released in order to clear up any misconceptions people may have about why he walked away from the prominent investigation: