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The Biblical verse, 'it's better to give than receive,' is being practiced by an Idaho Farm that donated over 10 million pounds of potatoes! We first brought the story here about an Idaho farm that, year in and year out, asks for volunteers to help process millions of potatoes for donation.  

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Big Country News reported that Taylorview Farms, Idaho Falls Crops, is harvesting millions of pounds of potatoes to be given to charity with the help of thousands of volunteers.Taylorview Farms is a big operation. How big? The farm is 4,000 acres. That's a lot of real estate to farm with only four full-time employees.

What's it like to volunteer to pick potatoes?

Believe is or not, thousands of folks gave up their own time to work on the farm picking potatoes. The fifty percent of the potatoes will be given to local charities in the eastern part of the state. The other fifty percent will be shipped to Salt Lake to be distributed to the needy across the country.

Some agricultural experts shared their concerns that another hot summer would impact the potato product.  Last year, the excessive heat impacted the Gem State's potato production.

A few folks spoke to Big Country News to share their enthusiasm for the project.

"We come out every year," said Jeneane Jacobson of Idaho Falls. "I know there are people that need help and I want to do all that I can, even if that just means helping a meal go by a little smoother."

"I came out to use my time providing a service for someone else," said Dave Sommer, also of Idaho Falls. "This is a great program, and it's a good way to use my time. These potatoes go all over the world and it is exciting to be a part of it."

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