Three Idaho Christian law students say that the University of Idaho violated their First Amendment rights. This week, the students filed a lawsuit with help from attorneys from the Alliance Defending Freedom. According to a release from the Alliance Defending Freedom, they say they were punished because of their Christian views and speech. 

The three law students are Peter Perlot, Mark Miller, and Ryan Alexander, who belong to the Christian Legal Society at the University of Idaho. The dispute involves a moment of community where group members were meeting to condemn a slur from another campus. Another student asked the group about their views on marriage during the gathering.  

Mark Miller told the student that marriage is between a man and a woman from the Bible. After a few days, during a panel with the American Bar Association, several students and the one Miller had spoken with denounced the Christian Legal Society.

Following that emotional meeting, the three students were told by the Office of Civil Rights that a non-contact order had been issued against Miller, Perlot, and Alexander. No one had contacted the three to get their side of the story. The three had no opportunity to defend themselves.  

“Students of all religious and ideological stripes must be free to discuss and debate the important issues of our day, especially law students who are preparing for a career that requires civil dialogue among differing viewpoints,” said ADF Legal Counsel Michael Ross. “Yet the University of Idaho is shutting down Peter, Mark, and Ryan because of their religious beliefs. This is illegal behavior from any government official, and we urge the university officials to right their discriminatory actions immediately.”

You can read the entire lawsuit here.

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