Usually, one can find an alligator in Florida or other southern states. However, the nation is reacting to an alligator that has been found in Idaho. Yes, that's right, an alligator has been found in the Gem State. Idahoans are used to mountain lions, bears, and other wild animals; however, we can now add alligators to the list of dangerous wild animals roaming in our state.

No, this story is not clickbait; the Idaho Fish and Game announced in a press release on Friday. Fish and Game received from a resident in New Plymouth from a man walking his dog. The man said he saw something moving in the bushes, which is not unusual in Idaho. What was newsworthy was that a 3.5-foot alligator was lurking in the brush.

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Let's hope we don't see anymore Idaho Alligators!

The Idahoan was not afraid, bravely loading the alligator into a horse trailer. After he called Fish and Game, they picked up the gator the following day. They are not investigating where the alligator came from and need your help.

Courtesy of Idaho Fish and Game
Courtesy of Idaho Fish and Game

If you have any information about the alligator, don't hesitate to contact Fish and Game at 208-465-8465 during regular business hours; or the Citizens Against Poaching hotline at 1-800-632-5999.

Fish and Game described the process of finding the origin of Idaho's Alligator.

"In all likelihood, this alligator got loose from someone, and we are interested in finding the owner," said Regional Conservation Officer Matt O'Connell.

Fish and Game shared the legality of alligator ownership in the Gem State.

"Without proper permits, it is illegal to possess alligators (or any crocodilian) in Idaho, and it is illegal to release captive crocodilians into the wild."

We do not know if the alligator has been given a name.

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