I have lived in Boise for almost a year and a half, and I absolutely love it here. I love the beautiful scenery. I love that I feel safe all over town. I love that there are fun family activities. I love the Boise Greenbelt and ride my bike to and from work next to the river.

There is no perfect place, although Boise is awfully close. I asked listeners on Facebook to complete the following sentence: "I love Boise, but..."

The answers were fascinating. Some were political. "I love Boise, but we need a better mayor" was popular.

Miranda Baker wrote, "I love Boise, but Canibus isn't legal!"

The most common answer had to do with the population growth of the past several years. "I love Boise, but it's getting too expensive to live here." "I love Boise, but it's getting outrageous. Too many people from California, Oregon, and Washington are moving here." "I love Boise, but there are too many people peopling."

Others, like Crystlyn Hanson, focused on the weather. "I love Boise, but there's not enough snow." Stephanie Larkin said, "I love Boise, but we need some sunshine and palm trees."

When I asked the question, I thought that I'd get comments about the population boom and the rising housing costs. I also thought that there would be some who shared my opinion.

Now it's my turn to complete the sentence. "I love Boise, but why does everyone crowd the right lane before a freeway enteentranceEvery morning, I get on to the connector from Fairview. The traffic jam that occurs for several blocks before the entrance to the connector is crazy. I used to sit with everyone and wait, but I just can't anymore. Now I'm the guy who stays in the left lane and cuts over to the right just before the turn-off. I feel bad about it, and I know that I'm not going to make many friends that way, but Boise made me do it. I don't want to sit through two light cycles at Curtis when I can save several minutes by being "that guy."

That's it. That's my only complaint about the city of Boise. Not too bad, right?

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