Between this stupid tumor thing on the end of my finger to the Denver Broncos being in the Superbowl Sunday, I just can't keep my thoughts on track. I'm all over the road at work, Bronco articles, research on my finger, cool article about an asteroid that is going to hit the earth or not on March 5th.  I've never been so scattered, it's a bad case of "shiny things" and I can't stop it.

Let's start with this stupid tumor thing on my finger. I went to the doctor yesterday, you know they want to charge you a million bucks to look at it and tell you the official name, which you promptly forget. Then surgery is set up...for tomorrow, like that isn't going to make matters worse.

The doctor had an intern who was with him, young lady, who looked kind of like James King the actress. The doctor looked at my finger and said to James King's doppelganger to get a good look that you probably won't see another of these again, they're very rare. In the case of mine, it looks really rare too.


So this fresh, young, naive, intern got really close, she squeezed my finger examining what the tumor thingy did, looked at the side and was looking at the top when I made my hand flinch toward her face.  She let out a shriek, jumped back like the "Blob" had just tried to eat her and about knocked down a blood pressure machine in the process. Doc and I had a good laugh at her expense.

That was yesterday, surgery is tomorrow after I get off the air.  They have to basically remove the whole thing including the stem, so for a little while my finger will look really deflated on the end. BTW, it hurts like a banshee to type, but I have to reach my quota. They also numb my entire arm for the surgery, so when it's done, it takes about 4 to 5 hours for the feeling to return completely. It doesn't matter what I tell the arm to do, until the numb-block wears off, the arm isn't going to do it.

Now Sunday, the team I've rooted for since 1965, had players in my studio in Denver when I worked there in the '80's, Darn near froze myself to death before the playoff game with the Browns as I sat in a dunk tank in front of Mile High Stadium making money for "Make A Wish," will be playing in the Superbowl. They're huge underdogs and according to the experts will get their butts handed to them by the Panthers. It's driving me crazy. Yes, I am a Bronco fan.....with a headache.


Kevin Mee




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