Huckleberry Jam is full of hidden surprises, and this year’s headlining act is no different. Ask anyone who Lettuce is and for the most part, you’ll get blank stares. In a world dominated with well-known names, Lettuce isn’t there yet, but they should be.

The band is comprised of Eric Krasno, Neal Evans, Adam Deitch, Erick Coomes, Adam Smirnoff, Ryan Zoidis, Nigel Hall and Eric “Benny Bloom. If any of their names sound familiar – it’s because you may be aware of their other successes within the music industry.

Krasno and Evans are members of a band names Soulive. Ryan Zoidis is a member of the Rustic Overtones band. Eric “Jesus” Coomes is a touring bass player for acts including the legendary Britney Spears and The Game. Adam Deitch plays with Break Science and has worked with the likes of John Scofield and Wyclef Jean. Adam Smirnoff has toured with Lady Gaga and the Robert Randolph & The Family Band – one of our Huckleberry Jam festival headliner last year.

Together, Lettuce is music magic.

The band formed in Boston, MA back in 1992 and gained their name from walking into various jazz clubs and asking if club owners would “let us play.” Their efforts paid off, as the band quickly developed a strong following across the world – mostly in New York, San Francisco, Chicago, and Tokyo.

Lettuce has five studio albums and one live album, with their most recent album Mt. Crushmore released in November 2016.

Want to add Lettuce to your Huckleberry Jam playlist? Take a listen to “Don’t Be Afraid,” “Yakitori,” and “Double Header” – and make sure you check out Lettuce when they perform at the Huckleberry Jam on Saturday, July 29th! See you then!

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