The weekend I saw a TON of memes of Chris Farley's iconic Saturday Night Live character Matt Foley, Motivational Speaker, screaming "Yes, Facebook! I'm registered to vote!" 

I couldn't help but laugh. Clearly, that means is that I'm not the only one who's getting fatigued by the constant reminders to vote. Don't get me wrong, voting is SUPER IMPORTANT. I truly believe that if you don't take advantage of your right to vote, you shouldn't get to sit back and complain about how our country, state or city is run.

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But for months, people have been talking about "making a voting plan" whether that means casting your ballot by mail, visiting an early voting location or showing up at the polls on election day. At this point, you've made your plan. Heck, you may have already mailed in your absentee ballot. Now you just want Facebook to stop being so pushy when you log-in.

I get it. I spend a lot of time on there too. In fact, that's where fellow users taught me how to turn off those annoying voting reminders. Apparently there's a section of the social network called "Town Hall" which helps you find, follow and contact our local elected officials. That's where the voting reminders live. Here's how you get there and turn them off in three easy steps.

How to Turn Off Annoying Facebook Voting Reminders

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