We love our Treasure Valley bars and we want to see them thrive after this is all over, so now is a good time to talk about the safest ways to go out for drinks. 

It might be an interesting experiment to line up a few tipsy people and see how good they are at social distancing.  It would be an adventure in concentration, to say the least, since alcohol and good intentions usually don't cuddle up and stay together for too long.

The Today Show had some ideas about staying safe at bars and they seem simple enough, but when tipsy happens, well, you know.  It's not as simple.

Ways to Protect Yourself At The Bar

-- Wear a face covering when you’re not sipping your drink

-- Maintain physical distancing, don’t let your guard down and practice good hand hygiene.

-- Look for an outdoor bar or one with a patio. The virus is diluted outside and can't use the ventilation system to spread. Also, ultraviolet light kills it.

-- Don’t share drinks.  For obvious reasons.

-- Consider going to the restroom with a mask on.

-- Limit the alcohol intake.

Again, it takes concentration and determination.  But we can do this because the last thing we want to see is a social media post the next day where we're hanging on a stranger and sipping his drink.   We should probably delay that til 2021.

When our favorite Treasure Valley bars fully open up again, we will want to get out and support them like never before.  It may just be a little different for a while.


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