The NFL season starts on September 5th, and now is the time for fantasy football drafts and rosters to be set.  If you're still trying to settle on a witty team name and you're a Seahawks' fan, some options might be things like, "Russell Sprouts," or "Pete Carrol's Gum."

We should probably all call our fantasy football teams "I-have-no-control-over-any-of-these-players-but-I-act-like-I-do."  But since that's kinda long, we have some other strategies that will uncover some other fun team names that also carry a ring of truth.

ESPN offers the advice to go for puns as long as they are your own and not borrowed because then they'll come across as corny.  Other advice is to use an active player on your roster.  "Over the Dwayne Bowe" is an all-time classic, but ESPN points out he hasn't been in the NFL since 2015 and not a great option for this season.

Enter "Russell Sprouts."  That feels like a new classic.  Or "The Lone Rodgers."  Or "A Gentle Brees."  Okay, maybe not.  "This Gurley's On Fire," or "Turn Down for Watt" might be fun.  Or you could name the team after your favorite TV show and just call it plain ole "The Office," or "Game of Thrones."  Or "Stranger Beer and Buffalo Wings."  Again, maybe not.

Fantasy football is male-dominated, but more women are playing all the time.  About 1 in 5 fantasy players are women.  Go girls!

The 2019 NFL season launches with the NFL Kickoff Game between the Chicago Bears and Green Bay Packers September 5th at Soldier Field in Chicago.  And it ends with the Super Bowl on February 2, 2020, at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami.  We hope it's a great season for you and the "Russell Sprouts."  This will be fun.

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