Last year, Boise airport had a record 3.5 million people travel through the hub and are on pace to top those numbers in 2018.  At it's peak, 15,000 travelers a day will pass through BOI.

If you have friends and family elsewhere in the country, you may be one of those passengers using BOI this weekend.  Preparing for holiday travel can be mind numbing.  If you're trying to finish up last minute projects in the office so that you can actually enjoy your vacation days or doing piles of laundry so that you have clean clothes to travel with, it's easy to forget to check-in for your flight exactly 24 hours early. By the time you have the revelation that you forgot, you've already been bumped to the last boarding group.  It's the worst! Now you're sitting there crossing your fingers that there's a little bit of room left in the overhead bin to fit your roller bag so that you don't get separated from it and everything you need for the trip.

Well, there's a way to avoid that nightmare this Friday, December 21...if you're traveling on Alaska Airlines.  Friday is National Ugly Sweater Day and to keep travelers' spirits high, they're making a deal with any of their passengers wearing a festive sweater.  Wear that sweater to the gate and you'll priority boarding ahead of the main cabin.  According to Elite Daily, it's part of Alaska's initiative to be the "merrier carrier."

They've also played Christmas music while passengers are boarding and shown free Christmas movies on board the plane during the holiday season.

If you're not flying Friday, you can still expect to find some holiday cheer around the Boise Airport.  The Boise Philharmonic Youth Orchestra string quartet is performing outside the TSA security are on Saturday from 3:30-4:15 p.m.  Show up for your flight early and enjoy a snack or drink at Parrilla before you go through security and enjoy the show!

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