Rick Springfield is coming to the Revolution Concert House this Monday.  Do you have your tickets and backstage passes yet?

Well never fear.  Here's a "how to video" on tips to get backstage at concerts.

I here to tell you, these ideas are pretty good but most to all of them won't work. There's tons of security and safety measures that go in to concerts to keep us crazed fans away from our favorite rock stars.

How about this idea.  Listen to Kevin and Brenda starting at 5am tomorrow morning.  Every hour tomorrow during their show (Friday 7/25) they will give away a pair of tickets and backstage passes to see and meet Rick Springfield this Monday at the Revolution Concert House.  Program your phone now so you don't forget and you're ready to roll; 383-1079 and good luck.

Believe me, your chances of getting backstage are way better with them!

Make it a healthy day!


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