Are you even a true Idahoan if you don’t own at least one gun? I’m kidding haha! Kinda.

I really do feel like everyone here has guns… and it’s somewhat of a must if you live here in Idaho. Turns out, that’s not just a random feeling or an outlandish theory — it’s a fact — because Idaho is in the Top 10 states for having the most gun purchases per person, and we’re one of the states that make the most money from gun sales 👇

A recent article from 24/7 Wall St. shares the states that make the most money from guns, and Idaho ranks fairly high on the list. Here’s what they had to say...

“To identify the states that make the most money from guns, 24/7 Wall St. reviewed the National Shooting Sports Foundation’s Firearm and Ammunition Industry Economic Impact report for 2022. States are ranked by the overall economic output from gun sales, which include direct contributions such as jobs, wages, and business taxes as well as indirect contributions. The federal gun business tax, total gun jobs, and total and average gun job wages also come from the report. We also added a state’s overall economic output (gross domestic product) for 2021 using data from the Bureau of Economic Analysis.”

Idaho ranks #17 on the list of states that make the most money from gun sales. What surprised me the most, is that we're actually higher on the list than Utah, Wyoming, and even Montana. Here’s what 24/7 Wall St. had to say about Idaho...

> Overall economic output from gun industry: $1.69 billion

> Overall economic output: $96.28 billion – 12th lowest

> Federal gun business tax: $100.42 million – 18th highest

> Total gun jobs: 6,999 – 22nd highest

> Total gun wages: $435.69 million – 19th highest

> Average gun job wage: $57,426 – 16th highest

> Population: 1,900,923 – 14th lowest

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