The Sin-versus-Saint list is out for cities around the US, and Boise made one of them!  So, are we sinners or saints?

We're in the top ten on one of these lists that start with the "S" word.

Boise ranks 7th on the list of the "Most Saintly Cities," according to Trulia.

Good for us!  I guess that's better than being on the list of the most "Sinful Cities," with New Orleans, Philadelphia, and Las Vegas.

Criteria included things like the number of adult entertainment venues, rates of obesity, binge drinking and smoking, the number of racing and gambling venues, per capita violent crime, and the number of beauty and tanning salons and plastic surgery offices.

I'll yet you fight that out, about whether or not plastic surgery is sin.  But that's a Trulia criteria!  And beauty salons?  Well, if we get bad haircuts we've surely been wronged.

America's most "saintly" cities ranked:

Provo, Utah
Ogden, Utah
Fort Collins, Colorado
Tuscaloosa, Alabama
Raleigh, North Carolina
Claremont, New Hampshire
Boise, Idaho
Asheville, North Carolina
Greeley, Colorado
Cambridge, Massachusetts

Boise did the best in the "envy" and "greed" categories.  We're able to keep our wits about us there, and that contributed to a high overall ranking.  But apparently we have some work to do when it comes to "pride" and "lust."

Know this - we love you.

And don't worry.  Unlike Trulia, we're not gonna judge.

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