Ladies, believe it or not some guys really do put a lot of thought into Valentine's Day.  I'm lucky enough to be marrying one of those and I still feel so bad that I ruined his Valentine's Day surprise for me a few years ago.

I will never let something like this happen ever again.  In fact when we hit the Sunnyslope on our annual Valentine's Weekend wine adventure over the weekend, I brought Gatorade and Cliff Bars with me so that I knew I'd still be upright by the time I surprised him with dinner at Backstage Bistro.

For the past four years, I've put together a sort of wine scavenger hunt for Nate on Valentine's Day weekend.  It was an idea I had after he told me that despite living in Canyon County at the time, he'd never been out to the wine region near Caldwell.  Now each Valentine's Day he gets a series of addresses to pop in his GPS and drive to.  We're usually able to hit three wineries in an afternoon.

In 2016, he'd tried to get cute and call an audible on my initial list. We ended up at Zhoo Zhoo's adorable tasting room inside an old bed and breakfast.  For the small tasting fee, their pours were very generous. Probably a little too generous for me at the time since I hadn't really had anything for breakfast and the only food I did have that day was chocolates paired with the tastings at other wineries. I was buzzed enough that all I really wanted was a nap, some fried food and Gatorade. But NOPE, I wasn't getting any of that.

Nate was so excited about his dinner plans after making reservations months in advance.  We were home long enough for me to change my outfit, but not lay down and let some of the wine wear off.  Somehow he managed to get us one of the coveted spots for Valentine's Day dinner at State & Lemp and we had a strict seating time.

If you've never been to State & Lemp, it's pretty unique.  The dining room is made up of a long table with seating for twelve couples at it.  You sit across the table from your partner, so you are actually closer to the complete stranger on your right or your left.  The dinner was several courses of incredible looking, small plates of food.  Each course came with a different wine pairing and I swear each glass of wine was a full glass, not just a sample.

By the third course, I know that I can't drink anymore and that I really need to lay down before the world starts spinning.  He looked at me absolutely horrified when I said I wanted to go home.  You can't exactly do that during a multi-course meal like that. I remember him starting to refuse my wine with the next courses, but then completely blacked out.  With how close we were sitting to strangers, I'm sure I was a total embarrassment. Honestly, I don't remember how that dinner ended or when we left to go home.

...and that's how I ruined the fanciest Valentine's Day dinner in the entire Treasure Valley.

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