There's one particular day that's supposed to be better than all the others for online daters, and it's coming up next week. Finally!  The magic begins.

So, how many dating apps do you use?  I'm on Tinder, Bumble, and Plenty of Fish, and I've tried and Christian Mingle in the past.  What do you use and which one is the best?  Whichever one produces the hubs, right?  YES!  Unless you're looking for something a little um, less serious.  But for now, let's pretend that we're all looking for the happily ever after.

I had been hearing that dating apps are hot right after the holidays because everyone is looking for fresh starts making resolutions to find love (if that's possible) at the beginning of the year.  But says summer is the busiest time of year, and June 27th is the single busiest online dating day of the year.  Kinda sounds like they're trying to boost signups this summer, but who cares.  Next Monday, it's ON! Swipe, wink, and buzz your way to love.

Wanna share your Bumble profile just for fun?  I'll share mine if you share yours.  Oh, and don't you hate it when guys don't write anything, or they just say "If you have questions, ask me."   Lame!  And lazy, and they probably don't know how to fix the toilet either.

Here goes.  Jen on Bumble.

"Okay you handsome devil.  A great relationship awaits if you've got all your teeth and they're mostly straight.  I appreciate fitness and healthy eating, faith, family, and sports, and look for the same in someone else.  I'm a morning person and I like the house to be clean, and we can work out the rest."

Surely these magic words will work next Monday!!!!!!  Good luck!

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