With only 27% of the votes in Idaho tallied, the lead from Idaho's Governor Brad Little over key opponent Janice McGeachin was large enough for the Associated Press to "call the race".

Brad Little, the incumbent candidate, was up against a lot of critical attack ads launched by Janice McGeachin and her supporters--he did, however, prevail.

Many speculated that these five major names in the political world would influence Idaho:

5 National Names That Could Influence Idaho's Race for Governor

These Conservatives have relationships to all of the Idaho Gubernatorial candidates.

Donald Trump's endorsement didn't seem to make a difference, however. 

"Once again I am humbled by the opportunity to serve the great people of Idaho", Little commented after giving a speech from downtown Boise where the Idaho Republicans gathered. He then continued:

I wish we could build a wall around Idaho and make California pay for it!


The crowd cheered.


It didn't take long for folks online to chime in on the results:





We will continue to keep you updated on local and statewide election results.


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