My friend Anita can help you experience the spirit of the Christmas Season in a couple of ways.

Anita has a keen eye for diamonds and jewelry and can help you design or select the perfect gift from her store "Anita's Jewelers" on Meridian Road just south of Overland.   Anita has provided us with a $750 gift certificate that you can buy now for just $375 - but this deal ends this Thursday at 7pm!  This is part of our Seize the Deal program check it out here.

Here's a way you can celebrate and spread the love of Christmas:

Once again this year Anita's Jewelers is sponsoring 10 military soldiers. This year we have an Idaho solder right out of boot camp that is now stationed in Germany. He, along with many others, are not going to get to come home for Christmas. Then come January they will be living in metal containers on the boarder of Russia. Anita's Jewelers is sending 10 boxes to the Idaho soldier and his buddies for Christmas. If you would like to help fill the boxes please refer to the list of items below.

Anita's Jewelers will be filling the boxes December 10,11,12 and mailing them on either Thursday or Friday. Please drop the items off at 2893 South Meridian Rd Anita's Jewelers 208-383-4866

Warm socks
Warm gloves
Lip balm
Hand lotion
Candy bars
Wrapped sealed cookies
Hand warmers
Tooth paste
Christmas decorations (garland, small trees etc)
Beef Jerky
Pepperoni sticks
Sports, Car,ETC.. Magazines,Board games
Hand made cards,
not signed that they can use to send to their loved ones
small games: cards, trivia etc
wet wipes
Pictures and artwork from home.
fruit cups.
Home-made baked goodies. (Tip: pack a slice of white bread in with your home baked goodies and pack them in plastic containers. It keeps them fresh and they will reuse the containers when packing to come home!)
Air fresheners. (Honestly. They can never have too many!)
Flavored powered drink mix for bottled water.
Power converters that work in the country where they are serving.
Electric blanket (depending on season and power converter).
New workout shoes, gloves or headphones/ear buds for working out.
Protein bars and protein powder (Tip: if your spouse likes protein powder, we suggest sending a funnel for their powder. It’s easier to use disposable water bottles instead of shakers. No washing required.)
iTunes gift cards.
New movies or TV series on DVD
Video games (new or used)
Board games
K-cup for Keurig machines (tea, coffee, and hot chocolate)
Cash donations are also welcome to help cover the shipping charges for the packages.

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