Perhaps we should get the California jokes out of the way now--because this story is just too amazing not to share.

Look, Idaho--we get it. There's a real sensitivity to Californians that are moving up to Idaho and there is absolutely no denying that. Statistics show that really, Texas is just as guilty of sending their residents up to Idaho as California is, but for whatever reason, people have a "thing" for Californians.  Here in Idaho, you'll hear that the "California liberals" are moving in--although many call themselves "political refugees" seeking conservatism. The license plates are everywhere and nothing irks an Idahoan more than seeing these on the streets. No offense, California, but you aren't sending your best drivers, that's for sure!

Would the animosity be as intense if those moving to Idaho weren't human? What if, instead of humans, we were seeing adorable California kitty cats moving to Idaho?

Plot twist: it has happened at least once and we're dying to know more.

As reported this week by The Washington Post, one California cat decided to run away from home and its owner just found her in North Idaho--nine years later.

If one were to drive from Clovis, California where Harriet the Cat once lived to Hayden, Idaho, where she was found-- it would take about 17-hours. According to Google, if a human were to walk, it would take about 325 hours, nonstop.

Somehow, Harriet the cat made her way to Hayden, Idaho and the internet is totally scratching their heads.

Harriet's family lives in a rural area and after she went missing for long enough, they had assumed a coyote got her. Until nine-years later, the Kootenai Humane Society (who was just as surprised to see the microchip data) called and said "we've got Harriet".

So, Idaho. What do we think about CATS migrating to Idaho, too?

Read the entire story from The Washington Post, HERE. It's sure to make your day.

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