I know, I know.  More shopping.  It's been one big sale after another for the past few weeks, and it's all under the tree now.

But there are some things that are better purchased after Christmas, and these are the top items.  

It's not just the Christmas decorations that will be on sale starting Saturday.  It's flat screens too, and Consumer Affairs says that could mean the best prices of the season for HDTVs.

Baby gear, clothing, and fitness equipment will be discounted too, maybe more than at any point all year long.

Oh, and heads up too guys, for sales on clothing.  My boyfriend has been planning his shopping attack for weeks, and counts on big after-Christmas sales every year from the big department stores.  That's when he buys the brands that rarely go on sale, and stocks his wardrobe for the coming year.

The mall crowds won't be dying down anytime soon, and the bigger the sale, the further that gift card will stretch.  Happy shopping.

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